The Lotus is a fruit of the plant genus of the same name that belongs to the Ebenoid family (Ebenaceae). They are delicious orange-yellow fruits of Asian origin. In Greece it is cultivated in Imathia, Pella and Pieria. It is particularly beneficial for health and has been known since ancient times as “the food of the gods”. It is rich in many nutrients like vitamins A and C, B complex vitamins. It is also a good source of minerals like potassium, manganese, copper and phosphorus.

Beneficial properties

is beneficial for eye health and vision due to its high content of vitamin A and antioxidant phytochemicals

Strengthening immunity, due to the high content of vitamin C/100 grams of lotus

Moisturizes the skin, treats oiliness, delays premature aging, smooths wrinkles adding a natural glow

The vitamins A, B and C it contains care for and nourish the hair

Availability period

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Packaging – Standardization

Wooden box10kg40x30x20
Wooden box (oneline)3,5 kg50x30x9
Wooden box (oneline)3 kg46x27x9
Carton box10kg40x30x20
Carton box7kg40x30x16
Carton box5kg40x30x13
Carton box (oneline)7kg60x40x9
Carton box (oneline)4kg50x30x9
Carton box (oneline)1,5kg40x30x9
Carton box (10 punnets 1kg)10x1kg60x40x14
Carton box (10 punnets 0,5kg)10x0.5kg60x40x9
Plastic box10kg40x30x20
Plastic box5kg40x30x13