About Us



The cooperative was founded in 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs – producers who have been active here for years in the field of trade and production of agricultural products.

By this basic idea we came up with the corporate name which stands the Greek ideals international fundamental values established by the ancient Greek culture affecting the Western civilization and summarized by the words “good living”.

The same values subsequently emerged and the trademarks for the order of products managed by the company.


For the implementation of its plan, the company has concluded strategic agreements management of two central cooperative agricultural groups producers at the most important points of sorting and processing of agricultural products in Greece.


One agricultural collection and management plant 2500 square meters is located in the area of Krevata, and manages mainly kiwifruit, stone fruits and citrus fruits and the second, 2500 square meters, is located in the Makrochori area where it manages stone fruit agricultural products.

In addition, a co financed investment plan has been approved (with community and own resources government gazv 27/11/2019 48605f4282) for the implementation of new state of the art storage, sorting, processing standardisation and refrigerators in the Imathia region.

At the same time, they have already large investments are being implemented for the modernisation of machinery and the quality upgrading of products.